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LED Internally Illuminated Back-Lit Letters Signs | Storefront Facade

Incorporating lighting systems internally to the sign itself, illuminated signs are a popular form of indoor or outdoor signage that highlights the presence of your company or brand. Whether you are starting from scratch or want to re-invent your existing image, Our Company offers custom sign manufacture and eye-catching designs that will make your business stand out.

We successfully completed various projects, offering services in different disciplines, working with clients such as: Landlords and Shopping Centers, Small Business Owners (tenants, restaurateurs, beauty salons, service providers, etc.), Franchises, Residential Communities, Hotel and Resorts and Health Care Companies.

The portrayed picture above (Off The Wall) is located in Coconut Creek Florida. For more information about this project please go to our google plus page by clicking this link

Material Details

White LED attached to the Back Sign

Aluminum Faces and SidesSide/Returns

Deepness: 3” Deep

Powder Coated Paint

Acrylic Letters and Logos

1/4" Lexan backings for each letter

Mounted in the Facade of the Shopping Plaza

Project Address:

4939 Coconut Creek Pkwy, Miami, FL 33063

brushed stainless led illuminated letters outdoor sign

Custom Brushed Stainless Steel Sign | Back Lit outdoor LED Illuminated

At ADG we custom fabricate Brushed Stainless Steel signs. For the project above, the client was a general contractor and provided all details about the fabrication requirements. We received the CAD file and translate that in to a custom fabricated product. Working with Stainless Steel is not easy because the material is stronger than other metals. For this project we used a Stainless Steel gauge #316L rather than 304L. Less carbon = more corrosion resistance. Then we internally illuminated each letters using LED lights modules that only uses 1 Watt per module, and approximate of 800 watts for the whole signage.

LED signs and light sources derive from a string of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDS) spaced just far enough apart that the light source overlaps each other for a constant glow. LED's are generally wrapped in its own special polymer jacket for protection which is more lightweight than neon and more flexible. Because of this, installation of LED signs is faster than its counterpart and LED's have zero hotspots. The energy savings with LED is also apparent in big way. LED's can save you up to 70% or more in energy costs while traditional glass neon runs hotter and uses more energy.

At the end, working with two of the best materials, LED and Stainless Steels gives an impressive eye-catching brand image for your business. Our Company offers custom fabrication making your business stand out!

Material Details

White LED attached to the Back Sign Brushed Stainless Steel

304 Grade Stainless Steel

Sheet Gauge: Gauge 16

Finish: Brushed

Side/Returns Deepness: 3” Deep

1/4" Lexan backings for each letter

Mounted in the main Facade building

Project Address:

2600 Davie Rd, Davie, FL 33314

reverse channel letters

Aluminum Reverse Channel Letters | LED Backlit Illuminated

Back-lit letters are also knows as reverse channel letters and sometimes are also called “halo lit" letters. At fabrication, working with reverse channel letters is not an easy task, the letters or logo are precision cut, shape, and weld using Aluminum sheet metal as working material. The thickness of the Aluminum sheet we work with for this type of letters is gauge 16 (1.59mm). Depending in the type of project, we use different procedures to cut and shape the Aluminum sheet that comes in different sizes. If the logo or artwork provided by the client is a complicated one, we use a precision waterjet machinery to do the job. When the type of work is something less complicated, we use a CNC router computer controlled cutting machine. And sometimes when the machines cannot do what it needs to be done, we use old fashioned human power.

Once the Aluminum sheet metal is cut, clean and shaped, we proceed with the next step and start forming the letters or logos by shaping the sides-returns. The sides-returns depth can be done in 1/2”, 1”, 2” or 3” deep. And if the project requires more deepness, we can custom make it to any size. The sides-returns is what gives the letters and logos the final 3 dimensional look as you see in the picture above.

In synthesis, at this point the letters and logo have been cut, shaped, weld, cleaned and assembled. Now the product is ready for the final finish. The sign is taken to a local powder coating facility, then proceed by coating them with the color chosen by the customer. The final step is the installation of the LED modules to each individual letter or logos. We use SMD LED modules that are bright and powerful. Depending on the type of illumination required, the LED modules can be ordered in different colors such as: white, red, blue and green. If your logo or signage requires a different colors, we can use translucent acrylics. In South Florida most cities and counties requires that the back of the letters are protected by using translucent Lexan plastic sheet. The Lexan sheet is cut and form to the exact shape of each individual letter or logo, and later fastened in the very back of the letters. The results are outstanding and professional.

Three Dimensional Letters

letter deepness

Material Details

White LED attached to the Back Sign Aluminium Three Dimensional Letters

Sheet Gauge: Gauge 16

Finish: Powder Coated Paint Black

Side/Returns Deepness: 3” Deep

1/4" Lexan backings for each letter

Back-Lighting: LED White modules

Mounted: Facade of Storefront Plaza

Project Location: Boca Raton Florida

LED Channel Letters for Franchise Businesses

LED Channel Letters Signs | Franchise Businesses Signage

We work with different type of small businesses and corporations. No matter the size of your company, we can customized our services to tailor your needs.
Forbes magazine ranks South Florida cities among top spots in U.S. for business. Retails stores, service providers and small businesses are the heart of our economy. We have developed a system to deliver customized services for our clients, which includes a complete turnkey package. From custom signs fabrication to complete architectural signage siteplan for your project. We can help you growth your business by providing you professional services working in between your budget.

Working with state of the art manufacture equipment and craftsmanship, we can custom fabricate Channel Letters signs, also known as Front-Lit Signs. Channel Letters signs can be produced in nearly any font, color or size. Front Lit signage are an important factor of a national brand sign criteria. Because of its visibility and versatility, several national store chains, restaurants and retailers utterly use this type of signage.

Channel Letters can be installed in any façade storefront as well as any building or structure. Depending of the structure of the building, Channel Letters signs can be manufactured using Aluminum Metal for the structure, and dense translucent Plexiglas faces. Channel Letters are frontlit using LED modules that illuminates using a trough light offering a sleek look with great lighting power.

Material Details

5" Deep Aluminum Channel

Letter Size: 24" Letters / 10" Letters

Return Colors: Red

Face: White and Red Translucent Acrylic

Trim cap 1” Fastened to returns

LED Details

LED Type: SMD5050

Color: White / Red

Input Voltage: 12V

Input Power: 1 Watt/per LED Module

Viewing Light Angle: 140°

Working Environment: 122° F

Life Span: 50,000 hours

Project Location Services

We work everywhere in South Florida offering services in the following areas and cities:
Town of Davie Florida as well as the City of Boca Raton, Coconut Creek and Coral Springs. Miami Beach and Hallandale Beach, Coral Gablesas well as done projects in the city of North Miami, and the Town of Surfside and the city of Aventura that is located in Dade County. We also work in Projects in the City of Plantation, as well as work everywhere in Broward County, and specially in the City of Fort Lauderdale, as well as the City of Pembroke Pines. We also work in Deerfield Beach, as well as near Delray Beach and Boynton Beach. We did projects in the City of Parkland as well work project near the city of Wellington located in Palm Beach County. We also work in the city of Pompano Beach and the city of West Palm Beach.

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