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We are a full-service environmental graphic design & manufacturing firm. Dedicated to creating elements to help people identity, navigate and understand the surroundings. Through working experience and architectural design awareness, we have developed over the years a passionate sense of landscape urbanism. Creating a connection between our designs, the surroundings and the structures in which they are built.
Let us explain why.....

Landscape Urbanism

Before starting any project, we visit the site location, and began a thorough study of the surroundings and placement for the future project.

By carefully observing the location, we begin taking notes writing questions such as:

  • ?- How far is the project site from the main street?

  • ?- How much traffic is in the area?

  • ?- What kind of building surrounds the property?

  • ?- What is the existing architectural design in the zone? Is it modern? Mediterranean? or Colonial?

  • ?- What type of design will be the appropriate one for the zone?

  • ?- What is the weather in the area? (Weather determines the type of plants to be used at landscaping)

  • ?- What would be the structure size recommended for visibility and way-finding?
    (People must be able to find their way in and out easily. To navigate from point A to point B without visual impediments)

  • ?- What is the workspace allowance?

In other words, this series of questions help us determine, what would be the most suitable design for the zone. This is why “Landscape Urbanism” and “Urban consciousness” are basic elements, before starting a project.

...creating a connection between our designs, the surroundings and the structures in which they are built.

Once we begin drafting a conceptual design idea, we think in connecting with the surroundings. We create this set of elements to make sense, to help people identity the location easily and without difficulties. And as they navigate the surrounds, they find a link between the place, and the built structure. Everything harmonically beautiful.

After all, Urban Design is about making connections between people and places, movement and urban form, nature and the built fabric.

This important basics are the principal foundation of our business.

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